30  and counting

On September 18, 1986--over thirty (30) years ago--Career Renewal Ministries was founded by a small group of concerned employed executives in order to share their journeys’ of layoff to reemployment and to provide support and assistance to others in similar circumstances.  Their mission, then as now, was to help others work through the process of finding employment and renewing their careers.       

We are still going strong today!!!!!

Career Renewal has approximately 25 regular and dedicated volunteer advisors who have helped close to 1,000 people navigate the rough waters of unemployment. We have worked with men and women with 30 years of company experience, college students just starting their careers, and others in between. We have worked with people representing almost all professions. Our advisors have been through the transition process and offer empathy, guidance, and support to others.

“We are proud of our team. Not only do we work well together, we have fun being together at our meetings.”  says Ron Moskal, founding member and dedicated advisor.  

So, if you're out of work or thinking of making a career change, please come visit us at an upcoming meeting. We welcome all newcomers to our meetings.