Career Renewal has been fortunate to have a series of highly qualified, dedicated individuals make presentations at our meetings.  Through their generosity, we have learned of job search networks, free training resources, different ways to view the job search process, techniques to help cope during difficult times, and countless other tips.

Library Resources for Career Advancement                        Anne Jamieson

Working with an Executive Recruiter                                      Ron Moskal                 

Optimize your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems      Dennis Curtin

Master your Mindset for Successful Career Transition        Christine Suva

Relaunch You:  Liftoff After Layoff                                            Catherine Morgan

Working with an Executive Recruiter                                        Ron Moskal

The Career Resource Center                                                       Kristina Phillips

Many of these people have provided us with copies of their materials.  Please browse them to find useful tips to support you during your job search process.

From Sewers to C-Suite: An Atypical Success Story              Brian LoVetere

Telling Stories                                                                                 Jan Sugar

Improv in Your Job Search                                         Richard Oberbruner

Keeping your Resume out of the Black Hole         Helen Lavan, PhD

Finding the Company that Needs You                    Robert F. Sherlock

The 90 Day Plan                                                            Rick Wescott

The Workplace Investment Act                                  Elliott Esparza

Our Speakers